With technology at our fingertips and the ongoing growth of WCMX & Adaptive Skate around the world. It only makes sense to make the world championships and other competitions accessible to the digital world. Earlier this year, at the ASF Adaptive Sports Jam in February, the world championship committee seen first-hand how The Boardr Live Skateboarding and Action Sports Scoring System could simplify adaptive skate contest around the globe.

The Boardr Live is simple and instant scoring for skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and actions sports competitions, including Olympic event formats. And now with the help of ASF Adaptive Sports, SOCAL WCMX and Action Park Alliance Skateparks, it will be available for WCMX & Adaptive Skate competitions.

It also supports fan scoring in real time. Increase the engagement and fun at your events by letting your fans score the same riders the judges are currently scoring in real time.

Not only does the live scoring system brings a level of professionalism to live events, but shows a combined vision of various organizations who are working together to bring these opportunities to every community, in the states and abroad.

If you would like to learn more about the platform visit https://www.adaptiveskatescores.com/

Or contact info@asfadaptivesports.org

To see the ASF Adaptive Sports Jam 2020 Final Scores visit: https://actionsportsfoundation.org/competitions/