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World WCMX Series: Truong and Lebuser win in Manchester

The excitement had been building for months. And it finally happened! The first round of the 2024 World WCMX Series took place Saturday 20th of April in Manchester.

It was the first time the WCMX GB was hosting an international contest, and they wisely choose to use the indoor skatepark of the Graystone Action Sports Center to take shelter from the Manchester rain.

From the first sessions of practice, the level was high, athletes showing that they travelled to the UK for the win by trying hand-plants, rotations and grind variations. As usual, the atmosphere was friendly and you could regularly see riders helping each others. However, everyone was undeniably focused on their riding and on bringing their best tricks to life!


On the day of the contest, the men opened the show with an incredible display of skills and dare. However, the tension led many riders to mistakes and crashes. And the suspense was high all along the competition.

After their 2 runs, it is the experience and consistency of David Lebuser (Germany) who give him the victory, with an excellent score of 90 points. Local rider and current world champion Tomas Woods (UK) takes second with 82 points, while Brazilian Felipe Souza finishes third with 81 points.



Above left to right: Tomas Woods, David Lebuser and Felipe Souza


In the women’s division, world champion Lorraine Truong (Switzerland) showed her experience with 2 well built and technical runs and took the win with 84.6 points. In second comes Ilara Naef (Italia) who is decided to show that she will be a forced to be reckoned with in the contests to come, now that the sport has a classification to compensate for riders with higher level of disabilities. Rebecca Procter (UK) takes 3rd, a great result for her first participation in such an event.



Above left to right: Ilaria Naef, Lorraine Truong and Rebecca Procter


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Credit photo: Eckers Photo


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