WCMX and Adaptive Skate Worldwide

Competitive adaptive sports have been around for decades. From racing in custom, lighter than a feather, wheelchairs to wheelchair basketball on cambered wheels – today you may find that just about every sport has an adaptive aspect to it.

However, in the realm of action sports like Skateboarding and BMX, the sports have had limited adaptive program support because of their high risk factor. Sports, in general, can be dangerous and even more for adaptive athletes who are playing just as hard as they’re able-bodied counterparts. However, the benefits outweigh the dangers of taking a slam. Not only does it teach resilience, persistence, but also fosters more independence in the athlete’s daily lives.

Who would have thought taking a wheelchair into a skatepark to pull off amazing tricks could be possible? Well, a guy named Aaron Fotheringham, an extreme wheelchair athlete, did just that and changed the game for athletes around the globe. With his massive arsenal of tricks and stunts, Aaron leads the way to make the sport of WCMX and Adaptive Skate more accessible worldwide. He shows the world that there are no limits – only the ones we place on ourselves.

It didn’t take long for the fledgling sport to start growing, and with it, creating ambassadors out of the athletes who make up the community. The WCMX World Championship has been around since 2014, bringing talented athletes together to not only compete; but learn from one another and share experiences.

Today these ambassadors are in every part of the world, and without a doubt have been crucial in providing knowledge, vision, imagination, and opportunities to their communities.  With the help of various individuals and committed sports organizations, more and more programs have become readily available in many U.S. states including but not limited to California, Texas, Florida, Georgia as well as other countries, Germany, London, Brazil, Spain, Austrialia, Canada and Africa just to name a few.

Our vision for WorldWCMX.org is to bring it all together, creating a network of like-minded individuals and organizations from around the world, to provide knowledge, resources, assistance, programs, and continue growing the sport to one day be recognized as an official Paralympic sport. It will take teamwork and collaboration to take the sport to the next level. It will need leaders, teachers, and passionate participants to continue doing the work that is needed to bring the sport to the front and center of the world stage.

So we invite you, from whereever you are located, to reach out and become part of this amazing community.

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